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Welcome to KinderStart Preschool!

Why KinderStart Preschool?

  • KinderStart Preschool is more than childcare. We are a NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited early education facility. Our staff is comprised of professional, certified, and licensed teachers who truly enjoy spending their days assisting young children in growing and learning.
  • KinderStart Preschool provides a rhythm of the day that truly keeps in minds the needs of each child and is oriented towards allowing children to feel comfortable and understood as they engage in their interests each day.
  • KinderStart Preschool is a small organization, in a familiar setting, enabling your child to feel more at home and allowing for a more personalized approach to child development. The learning environments are built and prepared each day to thoughtfully include toys, tools and materials that engage the senses, ignite interest, and show an awareness of child preferences.
  • KinderStart Preschool collaborates with the community to explore enrichment opportunities and supports its professional staff by funding all professional seminars designed to increase the qualifications of its teachers. We believe that learning is a lifelong goal for adults and children.
  • KinderStart teachers work in partnership with families, establishing and maintaining regular, ongoing communication, using a variety of resources to share vision, mission goals and expected child outcomes.

The community at KinderStart preschool looks forward to enjoying a fun and fulfilling early childcare experience with your family!