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KinderStart Mission Statement

To provide a positive, encouraging environment where children feel free to express themselves openly, and explore their world to its fullest. To provide a nurturing, caring, challenging and rewarding environment in which our children can grow and prosper.

KinderStart Philosophy

It is our belief that children need a child-friendly environment that is safe, caring, comfortable, and will promote all areas of a child’s development; including physical, social/emotional, and cognitive learning. It is our belief that all children should be provided balance, a variety of activities, and types of involvement that takes into consideration all the different learning styles and preferences. KinderStart provides flexibility within teacher planned curriculum and activities to spontaneously accommodate group or individual needs, unexpected circumstances, or personal visits. Children’s interests are always integrated into planned activities through teacher observation and interaction; providing learning opportunities that are both fun and interesting to the children throughout the day. Teachers will also work to provide opportunities to learn how to function effectively within a group setting and learn to become aware of the needs of others as well as being accepted as an individual with individual needs, interests, and preferences.

KinderStart Preschool’s goal is to provide an environment that supports the needs of each and every child. We respect each child as an individual with the potential for growth and learning.

Every day at KinderStart:

  • We provide loving care and we nurture each child’s self-worth.
  • We offer many choices for children.
  • We treat the children with respect.
  • We listen as well as talk to the children.
  • We offer an environment with a variety of experiences.
  • We believe in a child-centered model of care giving.

A developmentally appropriate curriculum shall be planned in advance to reflect our program’s philosophy and goals for the children. A weekly curriculum shall be posted for parent’s review which will include regular interest areas, provocations, and activities that engage children in their own developmental pattern and provide opportunities for scaffolding and growth. 

Each child shall have their own primary care space to offer security and continuity in the program as well as a primary teacher to assist in tracking your child’s development; though all teachers within the environment will be equally responsible for the care and well-being of the children. All Vermont childcare centers are licensed by the State of Vermont and operate under Vermont State Licensing Regulations. A copy of the state regulations is posted on the parent information board. KinderStart Preschool has an open door policy for all families; we encourage any concerns or questions as well as praise be brought to the teachers, directors, and owners. Communication between staff and families is key to creating a comfortable environment for everyone!

Family Involvement

Educating children is a partnership between the parent, child and teacher, with the parent being the senior partner. Parents are always welcome, and encouraged to attend KinderStart. Our door is always open, and you are welcome any time with no requirement for advance notice. You have unrestricted access to all facilities, records, and personnel. You are free to observe or participate as you see fit. If you choose to take an active role, there are a number of ways parents can participate in the development of their child. A few possibilities include chaperoning field trips, contributing time, acting as a guest teacher, participating in seminars, assisting in facility improvements, offering resources, offering suggestions, and checking in with us daily!

NAEYC Accreditation

KinderStart became a National Academy of Early Childhood Program in August of 2012. The academy recognizes early childhood programs, which meet national standards of quality. Accredited centers have voluntarily undergone a comprehensive process of internal self-study and external professional review to verify compliance with the Academy’s criteria for high quality programs. The Academy is a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the nation’s largest organization of early childhood educators. We are proud to follow the NAEYC standards, making your child’s experience here at KinderStart one of high quality learning.

Please click here to learn more about NAEYC Accredidation!

STep Ahead Recognition System (STARs)

Through the hard work and dedication of the administrative and teaching staff KinderStart Preschool is proud to offer a 5 STAR program to the families that we serve.

Click Here to View our Family Handbook

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